6 Galaxy AI Features on the S24 Series That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Live Translate

Break down language barriers with real-time translation of calls, texts, and even face-to-face conversations. No more fumbling with translation apps – Galaxy AI does the heavy lifting in 13 languages, making communication seamless across cultures and continents.

2. Circle to Search - Knowledge at Your Fingertips:

Ever see something interesting in a picture or video but don't know what it is? Simply draw a circle around it with the S Pen, and Galaxy AI instantly searches the web to bring you all the relevant information. From identifying exotic plants to understanding historical landmarks, knowledge is literally at your fingertips.

3. AI Note & Transcript Assist - Your Smart Note-Taking Companion:

Say goodbye to boring notes. Galaxy AI listens to your lectures, meetings, and interviews, then automatically transcribes them and highlights key points. You can even search your notes by keywords or speaker, making studying and recalling information easier than ever.

4. AI Chat Assist - The Ultimate Conversationalist:

Need a witty reply to a text? Want to craft the perfect email? AI Chat Assist analyzes your conversations and suggests responses tailored to the context and tone. This AI-powered sidekick helps you express yourself perfectly, every time.

5. Generative Edit - Unleash Your Inner Artist:

Want to remove unwanted objects from a photo or change the sky in a video? With Generative Edit, you can! This powerful AI tool lets you manipulate your photos and videos in ways never before possible, letting your creativity run wild.

6. AI-Powered Samsung Keyboard - Your Intelligent Writing Partner:

The Samsung Keyboard gets a major AI upgrade. It now translates messages in real-time, detects the tone of your writing, and even suggests emoji to add personality to your chats. Typing becomes effortless and expressive, thanks to your AI-powered keyboard assistant.